Saturday, January 16, 2010

I see your Gingerbread Cuppies and I raise you an apple...

Check out these terrific cupcakes* made by Stephen K, one of my favorite followers.
(I say "favorite" partly because of his interactive nature and partly because, well, he says neat things like "favourite," "japes," and wears things like "brogues" and "trackies.") 

[Cue touristy American]

Anywho, what makes Stephen really neat is that he likes my cupcakes.

And then he changes my cupcakes.

And then he tells me he changes them, and tells me they're awesome.   
No, wait, he tells me: 
"it worked a freakin' TREAT."

He took my gingerbread cupcakes and kicked them up a notch:
He added apple chunks.

Uh huh.  Drooling yet?  I'll bet his gran was.  Yep, you heard (read?) me right.  His gran.  That's who he made them for.


Try to resist him NOW, Zooey Deschanel ;)

*Yes, yes, I know they're not ALL iced, but those ones in the back? The ones with the chocolate buttercream? WHO WOULDA THUNK IT? Not I said the cat. Extra cupcake bonus points for ingenious flavour flavor combination there, Stephen!


  1. See now I have absolutely no idea what to do, whether to be proud or really embarrassed and hide behind a rock. Maybe do both. Be proud while hiding behind a rock. Thanks for thinking of me THIS much though!

    p.s. you got it right first time. FlavoUr ;)

  2. haha you're too cute Nicole :) I love it!