Wednesday, July 22, 2009

About Me

As you may have guessed already, I am a lover of all things cupcake. Maybe it's their natural propensity for on-the-go goodness or perhaps the way that each cake seems personally made for ME, but whatever it is, cupcakes have captured my heart. It is because of that that I have dedicated all my free time and thought to dreaming up endless combinations of swirls, cake, and sprinkles. While I love all that is baked -- I adore a good chewy chocolate chip cookie and nobody can beat a slice of warm pumpkin bread -- cupcakes are at the very center of my oven-warmed heart. My husband thankfully shares in my love of these travel-savvy delights and therefore makes the perfect candidate for the position of Executive Cupcake Analyst (ECA). In charge of such activities as holding open pastry bags, helping me flavor frosting, and taste-testing completed compositions, the ECA's demanding job is never done.

Though I’ve always loved putzing around in the kitchen, it wasn’t until I worked as a personal assistant for a caterer that I developed a true appreciation and love for baking. Through her I gained a sense of confidence in the kitchen and learned the value of large-batch baking. From there I just kept right on going, eventually ending up where I am today.

In case you haven't noticed, I also have a love of all things pinup which meshes perfectly with with ECA's appreciation of classic cars. I think just about every outfit can be accessorized by something flashy and red or sultry and cheetah print. If it can't, why bother wearing it?? Haha! I also try to scrapbook in my spare time, too, but the keywords there are "spare time," of which I have very little. Arg arg arg...

I live in Fullerton with my absolutely wonderful (and totally adorable) husband. I am originally from Maryland and will probably always consider myself an east-coaster at heart but I really do enjoy living out here in California.

My main goals in life are to:
♥Love the Lord my God
with all my heart
Be the best wife I can be for my sweet husband
Cook and bake with love for my family, and
have really cute babies (when the time is right, of course!)

We are truly blessed!