Monday, October 5, 2009

Looking Ahead


1. Learn how to make the notoriously delicious and much raved about SMBC
SMBC, for those of you who don't know, is Swiss Meringue Buttercream which, apparently, is the frosting of the gods. OK, OK, enough of your rantings and ravings about how amazingly awesome SMBC is. I have to see what all the fuss is about. Last night I tried my hand at Alicia’s Maple SMBC only to come up with what can be described as the mutated lovechild of marshmallow fluff and Elmer’s Glue. As Erica gently put it: “ bueno!!” I've spotted a tutorial on Cassie's page and Erica has offered phone support for the next attempt. Any comments or tips on how YOU make your favorite SMBC would be lovely.

2. Take a cake decorating class
No more YouTube and book learnin’ here, I’ve got to go in and put the icing tip to the cake, so to speak. There are definitely some techniques that you just can’t learn from watching a video.

3. Take a fondant class
Akin to the one above, I think it’d be really neat to take a class that taught the inner workings of fondant and how to use it properly.

4. Make separate blog pages
I have started to notice that there are some items I’ve blogged about that I would like to group together on my page. I’ve seen other bloggers do it and I’m trying to figure out the best way to go about it. Off the top of my head I know I want a separate page to list my flavors and pricing as well as a page to showcase some of my favorite specialty cupcakes (like the Jungle Cupcakes and Baby Cupcakes).

5. Use fun decorative cupcake liners
I love how Kim’s liners stick out in this photo. I feel like I always purchase fun printed liners only to find that the cupcake batter saturates the paper and the designs aren’t apparent after the cupcakes are baked. Are there special liners you have to buy? Kim suggested buying liners from a quality kitchen store. Perhaps I’ll do that.

6. Make cupcakes from each of my pretty cupcake books
Throughout this cupcake saga I have accumulated a few cupcake books (OK, well, 3... but still!!) and I have as of yet to actually MAKE a cupcake from one of these books. For the most part I haven't done anything from them because they either a) require ingredients I don't keep around often, or b) have so many steps that I get tired just reading it. I'd like to get off my lazy cupcake bum, though, and finally choose a cupcake from each book to make.

I'll try to keep these six things in mind for the next six months and I'm thinking maybe I'll assign one per month and knock 'em out that way. I'll post as I go so you can keep track!


  1. Oh no - your SMBC didn't work out? That's no good. Did it turn to liquid? What happened? Maybe I can help.

  2. First, I LOVE!!!!!! your new profile picture, your a super hottie. Thats a good list. Its been over a year since I took my first cake decorating class and it was a total blast. I think we just need to move closer, we can work on the list together. I have so many baking books, and really need to actually use them...LOL!!

  3. Red Deer -- yeah, I didn't even get to the "add butter" part. The eggs never meringued (is that a term?? I just made it one if it isn't.) I kept whipping and whipping and finally I decided my mixer's motor was going to die if I forced it to continue. I think that I messed up on the heating/whisking (I mean, that's kind of Step 1 and really the only other place I could've messed up.) Maybe I didn't heat it long enough? The eggs weren't cooking but the sugar did seem fully dissolved so I took it off the heat and started whipping. You should probably come make some for me so I can see for myself what all the hubbub is.

  4. Hmmm how strange - the only reasons that I am aware for the eggs not becoming meringued :P is if any egg yolk or water or some other foreign object got into the mixing bowl. I say try again - something weird had to be going on there.

    Oh and have fun making your graveyard nasties :D