Monday, October 26, 2009

Countdown to Halloween!

My my my, I've been BUSY this past week! I feel like I've been pulled in at least twenty different directions as we've been drawing closer to Halloween. Here are some of the things I've been doing just to catch you up:

Halloween cupcakes orders are rolling in!
Here's a box of yummy creepy graveyard delights before heading out to their Halloween party destination. We've got orders for pumpkins and spiderwebs, too. More later this week!

Haunted gingerbread houses are being made!
My kid sister and I went to a haunted gingerbread house workshop hosted by friend and fellow baker Jill Reilly, owner of the incredibly successful Cute Cakes (where we get ALL our special occasion cakes!). We had so much fun making these houses. Sure we popped a few piping bags at the seams and maybe more candy corn went into my mouth than on my house but hey, don't the houses look great??

We're decorating for a party!
Check out these amazing invitations to the Halloween Party that Meghan, Cupcake Testing Specialist and Pie Queen Extraordinaire, and I are throwing. Yes, we had to cut out each invitation BY HAND and then use brads to make the movable joints. Meghan found them here on Martha Stewart's site (Is anyone really surprised? I mean, who else would come up with these?! Somehow, I find them reminiscent of the chocolate chip cookies that Erica just made. The recipe even calls for nap breaks!)

Pumpkins are being carved!
My mom, sisters, ECA, and I got together this past Sunday to carve our pumpkins. The trick is all in the timing: carve them early enough to have a few days to enjoy them but not so early that they get gross and rotten by the time Halloween comes around. We figured that Sunday was perfect 'cause we'd have a week to let them glow before Saturday. As a precaution, though, I took note from a little Pumpkin 101 and stuck them in the fridge for the daytime hours. As ECA just realized, between cupcake ingredients and pumpkins, there's not much room in our fridge for anything else. Sorry honey!

P.S. -- Don't judge me by the current state of my fridge! I promise I feed him more than milk and frosting!


  1. Love those skulls and bones :)

    Yep the cupcake cases I used were dark brown and I love them. And yes Eric the elephant helps with photography - do you really need to ask? :P

  2. I am turning you into HPS (Husband Protective Services)for lack of food...LOL!! Just kidding, I know he must be filled with tons of your yummy sweets.

    It sounds like you had a ton of fun, and are planning alot more. My sister is visitng this weekend from Missouri,so I am beyond excited about that.

    Let me know when you get my package!

  3. Of course you feed him more than just milk and frosting... you forgot beer! ;)

    I love the gingerbread houses & invites! Very creative.

  4. Oh that was me, Melissa Rowe.