Monday, September 7, 2009


Yes, that's right, you read it correctly -- RED VELVET CUPCAKES ARE HERE!!

Mellissa: take note of this post

Aunt Carol: you were right on the money with the frosting

Mom: THANK YOU for getting the ingredients together so we could finally buckle down and experiment!!

These cupcakes utilize the original Waldorf recipe to the best that I can tell -- there are so many variations! After searching through dozens of them, my mom and I finally decided to go with one that seemed pretty trustworthy from my never-fail Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. I love that cookbook! You can't really tell from this picture but they came out the exact shade of red that I wanted them to AND we decided to use the traditional frosting at the prompting of my Aunt Carol. According to her, it's the use of the original frosting that makes the whole cake.

Here's a little sneak-peek of how they came out. Better pics yet to come! Update: Here they are!

1 comment:

  1. I agree with Carol.. Your Red Velvet cake would NOT be the same without that AMAZING frosting.

    smooth. yummy. perfect!