Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Friday!

I like to think that if I ever found myself in a bind like this, I'd be as innovative at this guy right here.

And on that note, Happy Friday :)

Tune in tomorrow for pics I'll post of cupcakes I'm making for a boat re-christening party at a yacht club. I found the prettiest vintage-looking nautical-themed toppers for them from Sugarcraft and I'm excited to see how they end up on my cupcakes. I'm hoping for a sort of classy look -- something Audrey Hepburn would be pleased to eat :)

Here are the toppers:
The hostess would like chocolate cupcakes with cherry filling and vanilla buttercream on top. We talked about possibly tinting the buttercream blue so that it would look like water but she wanted it to stay white. I think doing frilly icing like one of Trophy Cupcakes' signature looks would be nice to still give a water-like effect:

I'm not sure about my icing skills, though. They'll really be put to the test. Any suggestions?

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  1. Hmm not sure how to get that effect - good luck though!