Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm Moving!! And Staying...? Er...


From this day forward, I will be writing more personal posts on my NEW BLOG:

I'll still post here, but this will be for more cupcake/baking-related topics.

Follow both of me!



  1. Awesome. I will go over and follow you.

  2. Sooooo...I tried one of your recipes and wrote a little something about it. Go check it out! :)


  3. I will head on OVA and check you out!! It can be hard to keep all your content organized eh? I have a journalism blog (that I have updated once haha) and can only imagine having ANOTHER blog! you're like the energizer bunny hehe thanks for the sweet post the other day. I am getting a bunch of things from ETSY this week in the mail for the wedding. I will have to keep ya posted! xo