Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Boxes!

Take a look at our new delivery boxes! Above you can see the cute little wavy window on top to that lets you peek in to see all the delicious goodies inside. Below, check out the holders inside that have convenient little finger slots to help get your grubby little mitts around the cupcakes without smooshing the frosting.
Not only are these boxes way, WAY less expensive than the ones we were using, my Executive Cupcake Analyst tells me that transport is much easier now that the cupcakes have more support.

Last night when I was putting together this sampler I realized that I didn't have a spot like I did before for a big "Miss Dot's Cupcake Spot" label. I didn't want it to go off all nekkid, though, so I whipped out my slightly neglected scrapbooking supplies and made a little tag for it:
This was at about 1:30 in the morning so really the fact that I even spelled everything correctly on the tag surprises me.

Look at these cute lil' cuppycakes all nestled in their lil' holders. Go, lil' cakes, make someone smile!!


  1. Very nice & cute label too! Where did you get your boxes?

  2. I love the cherry cupcakes, they are so cute!! I need to get boxes, did you order them online?

  3. Wow so beautiful! Those cupcakes look so precious. I love the tag!

  4. Those boxes look amazing! Where did you get them??

  5. Oh so lovely Miss Dot! Where in the world did you find such cute boxes?? The frosting looks to die for :)

  6. Looks great - I love the little tag :)