Friday, July 31, 2009

Afternoon Project

Check out my latest project! I decided that I wanted to experiment with my cupcake pictures so I looked around online for some instructions on how to make a lightbox. I liked the directions on WikiHow the best so I went by those.

Here are the (somewhat) step-by-step pictures from my little activity:

Here are all of my supplies:
(Clockwise from left - polka dot paper I'll use for background, pencil, knives, measuring tape, big cardboard box, and tracing paper. Not pictured: tape. Oops!)

Step One:
Cut the flaps off the top of the box. I used a little serrated knife for this.

Step Two:
Remind the cat about the connection between cats and curiosity.

Step Three:
Measure out 1.5" from all edges on 3 sides of the box so you can cut out big squares.

Step Four:
Use the serrated knife again to cut out the squares from 3 sides (see second picture below).

Step Five:
In order to ensure proper sizing, make sure cat fits inside.

Step Six:
I totally forgot to put up pictures of me taping up the tracing paper and the polka dot background, but this is the final product:

Time to test it out! Due to a lack of cupcakes, I looked around for something else as a substitute. I decided to try out a little angel statue that my husband and I got as a wedding present.

Here she is in just natural light:

Aaaaand here she is in the lightbox with as much faux lighting as I could scramble up (which ended up being a flashlight and two lamps).

She actually seems better lit OUTSIDE of the lightbox but I haven't given up hope yet. I think that if I find the right light sources to use outside the box then I'll be able to eliminate those pesky shadows and the cupcakes will come out really nice. Check back for more trials!!

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  1. Step 1.5:
    Make sure neighbor doesn't snoop around for the sound of cutting bones.