Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm getting a logo!

Last night I had an impromptu meeting with my friend and graphic designer, Lauren Burke. I’ve commissioned her to do the logo for my cupcake shop and I’m really excited with the designs she’s coming up with. I love her girly style and whimsical flair – she really has an eye for composition! I can’t wait to see what the final result is! Check out her iStock portfolio here. She even has a line of cards at called the Couture Collection. Makes me want to have a bridal shower all over again! Anyone need me to host one for them??

Also, I’m going to be working on cupcakes for a Mary Kay party coming up soon! I’m excited to use a lot of pink and I’m thinking about flavors that go along with the color: strawberry, raspberry… can I pull cherry in, too? Geez I love me some cherry. I’m thinking that this might be the perfect time to start working on my version of the strawberry shortcake cupcake. I’m still working out the berry fillings (see black forest cupcake fiasco below…) so I’m not sure how to work that in yet. Jelly? Preserves? Hmm…

Will and I came up with a couple flavor combos that we like, too. Thank heavens for a husband with an insatiable appetite for all things yummy! His favorite? The Bella (Bellarina?): white cake with cream cheese filling and topped with chocolate buttercream. Mine? The Lemon Tango: white cake with lemon filling and a dollop of cream cheese on top. For me, the tanginess of the cream cheese and the lemon do the absolute perfect tango in my mouth. They’re welcome to come party anytime!

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  1. OK.. totally drooling.. Your discriptions are priceless! Lovin' it! <3